SEO & SEM Promotion

SEO and PPC Promotion

In order for a business to succeed online it needs to proactively promote its website to acquire new business and to engage and seduces its customers. ANAZET can design a personalized online marketing strategy to fulfill your business goals.

Here are many aspects of online marketing that get overlooked, but one absolutely crucial practice that gets passed by more often than others is search engine optimisation (SEO). Without optimising your site for search engines, you'll be missing out on more customers, more conversions and most importantly, more money.

How Does SEO Work?

Optimizing sites for search engines has existed since keyword based algorithms began powering online search forms. SEO has changed over the years, with advances in technology and various algorithmic changes, but strong keyword research and analysis is still the foundation of any successful search engine optimisation campaign.

SEM Promotion or PPC

One of the pitfalls of online retailing is not attracting customers to your site. You can have the best website that provides the greatest user experience, but if no one is visiting your efforts will be wasted. If this sounds like something that's happening to your online business you need to contact Promote now and begin a carefully managed pay per click ad campaign.

What Is Pay Per Click And Why Is It Beneficial?

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is one of the most revolutionary methods of online marketing available. Essentially, it is an instant ad model designed to attract traffic to your website. For each time a user clicks on your ad, you pay a fee to the search engine. The exact amount you pay depends on a variety of factors including landing page quality score, the competitiveness of targeted keywords and so on.

It has been noted that cost per click advertising is actually extremely cost effective. Unlike traditional online advertising, where you pay every time your Ad is shown, you only pay when users click on your advert. A well managed Pay Per Click campaign, like those that we offer at Anazet, will garner you a significant return on investment plus instant traffic.

That's another great advantage of PPC; the level of traffic increases. Unlike search engine optimisation, which can take a while to see results, pay per click can see your site's traffic go up as soon as the campaign is launched. What's more, all of this is measurable too through conversion tracking, monitoring click through rates (CTR) and other stats so you can see the effectiveness of your campaign.